I’m a 39-year old trail runner originally from Ottawa, Canada, currently living in the Vercors Mountains, near Grenoble, France. The trailheads of this great area literally start at my doorstep, which is a nice change from previous years of city living in Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris and Marseilles.

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Welcome to my doorstep!

My crew is comprised mainly of my partner, Gaël, and our four-and-a-half-year-old daughter Saskia, my biggest fan by far! I will never be able to thank them enough for their patience and support (especially since they don’t entirely understand the appeal of hours and early mornings in the mountains). A big shout out also goes to my trail running friends – many of whom are French and will be reading this side of the blog instead.

So, how did all this begin? Well, after an – ahem – “illustrious” middle school cross-country running career, I dabbled in jogging while studying in London, England (since gym membership and pretty much everything else was too expensive for an expatriated Canadian grad student). Oddly, neither really got me hooked. It was only several years later, in 2014, that I discovered the joys of trail running when a friend corralled Gaël and I into a 60-kilometer snow-shoeing race, that also happened to be for an excellent cause. There was no stopping us after that and the next year we competed in a 100km event organized by the same NGO… And after that, well, the others went back to their normal lives and other passions, but my love for the trails just kept growing.

I have met some amazing people and awesome friends through trail running. After living in France for over ten years, I’ve finally found my niche and cultivated my own little community of runners from across this country, Europe and the world. I’m also honored to have been offered the opportunity to run my 2017 season as an Ambassador for the UGLOW brand of stitch-free running clothes.

If you find yourself in the area and would like to go for a run, please Uglow girls powerget in touch!

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